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To accept children, God’s special gifts, into a Christ-centered family and to guide them so they may discover their unique and God-given potential.

Truett Cathy founded WinShape Homes in 1987 to provide a loving, nurturing home to children who are victims of circumstance and in need of a stable, secure family environment in which to grow and mature. WinShape Homes encourages physical, spiritual and emotional growth. Every effort is made to keep sibling groups together in the same home, and each child’s needs are thoroughly and individually met. Every child is encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, and all supplies needed for each pursuit are provided. Each child is given consistent attention and care, including professional counseling, tutoring and medical care.

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WinShape Homes is Christ-centered, family-oriented, and dedicated to the development of the whole child.


WinShape Homes exists as an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ. WinShape Homes strives to minister to children in a manner that will bring glory to God in meeting the needs of the children under our care.


Each WinShape Home is organized as a family and teaches appropriate roles in the family. The family learns and grows together as they experience life. Children may still have contact with their biological families if it is in the best interest of the child, unless family-child contacts have been terminated by court order.

Dedicated to Development

WinShape Homes is dedicated to developing children physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe that children grow and prosper best within a home environment where they can learn about God, themselves, others, their family and life. Our goal is to lead children to discover themselves in Christ so they may serve God and others according to His plan.

WinShape Homes was the heart and passion of its founder, S. Truett Cathy and his wife Jeannette

Mr. Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, established WinShape Homes in 1987 to provide children who are victims of circumstance with a secure family environment in which to grow and mature. More than 25 years later, the Cathy family remains committed to supporting WinShape Homes through yearly funding and intentional investments of time and care for the children.

We’re providing a setting for transformation all across the southeast.

The heart of WinShape Homes is to provide a loving family for each child through adulthood.

WinShape Homes employs 24 full-time house parents, who care for the children in one of the 14 homes. House parents believe that is it God’s calling on their lives to serve as role models and to love the children placed in their care. With a heart to provide much-needed stability, house parents are committed to helping children for the long term – many of them have served with WinShape Homes for more than 15-20 years. The ministry is strengthened by the long-term commitment of the parents.

Because WinShape Homes provides an exceptional opportunity, we carefully seek out young people ages 6 to 13 who will best benefit from the WinShape Homes opportunity. We accept children regardless of race, culture or religion. We work with children who have mild learning disabilities, but we do not accept children with severe behavioral problems.

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