Ryan Akins

Marketing and Relationship Coordinator

"I desire to use my skills, talents, and voice to speak for those who are unheard and unseen. Using media to tell stories for the ultimate purpose of bringing the Gospel to those who are in need."

Ryan Akins is the Relationship and Marketing Coordinator for WinShape Homes. He started in May of 2018 and has been instrumental in streamlining our brand and helping grow both Group Care and Foster Care programs. Ryan has a strong sense of purpose as he seeks to advocate for children and families in foster care. He grew up with four adopted siblings. Through this experience grew a passion for children in need, trauma-based care, and storytelling as a form of ministry.

Before coming to WinShape Homes Ryan served Dogwood Church as the Assistant Director of Media. He also was a small business owner of Akins Photography. Ryan has a Bachelors degree in Communications with a focus in Digital Media Production from Columbia International University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Julia and their dog Lily.

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