Our Group Care Program

Cultivating healthy and long term relationship for the children we serve.

Our Homes

Chick-fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy founded WinShape Homes in 1987 as a way to provide nurturing homes to children who are in need of a stable family environment. Founded on Christ-centered principles, our homes are designed to cultivate healthy, long-term relationships for the children we serve.

WinShape Homes’ Group Care program provides placements in a large family home setting, which allows sibling groups that might otherwise be separated to remain together. The children we serve are given consistent attention and care on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels to ensure their needs are thoroughly and individually met. From tutoring to professional counseling to medical care, each child is cared for uniquely.

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Watch this video to see inside the Group Care program.

With our Group Care program, we have full-time parents that are committed to being parents for the long haul.

The homes we create establish permanency and allow the child to experience stability. We’re intentional in our efforts to meet the unique needs of each child. We do this in several ways:

• Educational experiences are always provided.
• The development of individual talents and interests is encouraged and financially supported.
• We employ therapists who are certified to assist with emotional recovery and care.
• All medical and dental services are covered.
• Every year, each child is given the opportunity to attend a WinShape Camp.
• All families go on a two-week vacation to the beach each summer.
• Teenage youth are given extra support and guidance in planning for college, future goals, careers, and transition to adulthood.
• Connection with family members is encouraged and supported.

Hear from Kayla as she reflects on her journey through a WinShape Home. For her, this foster family is a forever family.
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Our Families

"We have the freedom to get to know our children’s classmates through volunteer coaching, school functions and church roles as a typical parent does. This sets us a part from similar ministries."


House Parent

"I appreciate working in a place that is going to handle every good and bad situation through the filter of a Gospel centered outlook."


House Parent

"WinShape homes supports us by providing continued constant support. We are offered meaningful training, a listening ear, and leaders that are interested in our day-to-day lives. WinShape Homes makes us feel valued.


House Parent
A few FAQs

Q: Who does the WSH Group Care Program serve?
A: WSH Group Care serves children who are in difficult situations and are not able to remain in the care of family members. Children of any race, ages 6-18, are served in our program. Due to the structure of our homes, we are only able to accept children with minor behavioral issues.

Q: Where are the homes located?
A: WSH Group Care has 10 individual homes located throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Q: Who cares for the children in the home?
A: WSH Group Care is uniquely staffed with trained house parents who maintain long-term relationships with the children. Many of our current parents have been caring for children at WSH for 15-30 years.

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