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Group Care

Providing long-term care for children in a safe, Christ-centered family environment

This is Group Care

Learn more about the WinShape Homes Group Care experience and take a virtual tour inside one of our homes.

Our Process

After receiving your referral, we will begin the following process:

1. Phone screening with our intake coordinator

2. Assessment

3. Orientation

4. Placement

Group Care at WinShape Homes

Comprehensive Guidance for Those Called to Care

Our Group Care Program at WinShape Homes has eight homes across Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, each with full-time parents committed to being there for the long haul. Our homes allow every child to experience stability in a Christ-centered home environment. We’re intentional in our efforts to meet the unique needs of each child through:

  • Educational experiences
  • Encouraging and financially supporting the development of individual talents and interests
  • Employing certified therapists to assist with emotional recovery and care
  • Fully-covered medical and dental services
  • The opportunity to attend a WinShape Camp every summer
  • Providing a yearly vacation for intentional family time
  • Extra support and guidance for teenagers who are planning for college, future goals, careers, and transition to adulthood
  • Encouraging and supporting connection with biological family members and caretakers

Believe In the Feeling of Home

See how WinShape Homes is creating space for children to flourish.

Building a Home, Breaking the Cycle

Hear from Kayla as she reflects on her journey through a WinShape Home. For her, this foster family is a forever family.

“I appreciate working in a place that is going to handle every good and bad situation through the filter of a Gospel centered outlook.”


House Parent

“I thought I had to fix them. God just told me to love them.”


House Parent

“WinShape homes supports us by providing continued constant support. We are offered meaningful training, a listening ear, and leaders that are interested in our day-to-day lives. WinShape Homes makes us feel valued.


House Parent

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