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Group Care at WinShape Homes keeps family bonds strong while ensuring that children in need are afforded the space and structure to flourish. Within the walls of a home filled with a large, loving family, these children receive bountiful support, expert care and room to grow. As connections with relatives are nurtured, children discover that family – in all its forms – is forever.

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A Child Deserves to Belong

With our Group Care program, we have ten homes across the state of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. In each of our homes, we have full-time parents that are committed to being there for the long haul. 

The homes we create establish permanency and allow each child to experience stability. We’re intentional in our efforts to meet the unique needs of each child through:

  • Educational experiences
  • Encouraging and financially supporting the development of individual talents and interests
  • Employing therapists who are certified to assist with emotional recovery and care
  • Fully-covered medical and dental services
  • The opportunity to attend a WinShape Camp every summer
  • Providing a two-week vacation to the beach for each family every summer
  • Extra support and guidance for teenage youth who are planning for college, future goals, careers, and transition to adulthood
  • Encouraging and supporting connection with biological family members and caretakers



A Few FAQ's

Q: What are private placments?
A: When a child’s parents are unable to provide care, a family member or friend will oftentimes step up and become the caretaker. These situations can quickly become overwhelming; that’s where WinShape Homes comes in. We place children with one of our families before they reach the foster care system. This is a private agreement between the caretakers and WinShape Homes.

Q: Where are the homes located?
A: WSH Group Care has 10 individual homes located throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Q: Who cares for the children in the home?
A: WSH Group Care is uniquely staffed with trained house parents who maintain long-term relationships with the children. Many of our current parents have been caring for children at WSH for 15-30 years. This creates a sense of permenancy for the children we serve.

Q: What is the referral process?
A: Once you refer a child to our program our intake coordintor will reach out and walk you through our intentional process. We have a phone screening, an assessment and a orientation that we walk through. All of this is to make sure our homes are the right fit for your child!


Hear from Kayla as she reflects on her journey through a WinShape Home. For her, this foster family is a forever family.
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Our Families

"We have the freedom to get to know our children’s classmates through volunteer coaching, school functions and church roles as a typical parent does. This sets us a part from similar ministries."


House Parent

"I appreciate working in a place that is going to handle every good and bad situation through the filter of a Gospel centered outlook."


House Parent

"WinShape homes supports us by providing continued constant support. We are offered meaningful training, a listening ear, and leaders that are interested in our day-to-day lives. WinShape Homes makes us feel valued.


House Parent

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