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Group Care Program at WinShape Homes

When a child’s parents are unable to provide care, a family member or friend will oftentimes step up and become the caregiver. These situations can quickly become overwhelming; that’s where WinShape Homes comes in.

Group Care at WinShape Homes ensures that children in need are afforded the space and structure to flourish. Within the walls of a home filled with a large, loving family, these children receive bountiful support, expert care and room to grow. As connections with relatives are nurtured, children discover that family — in all its forms — is forever.

With our Group Care program, we have full-time parents that are committed to being there longterm. The homes are created to allow the child to experience stability. We are intentional in our efforts to meet the unique needs of each child. The children placed in our homes receive excellent educational opportunities, development of individual talents, individualized counseling services, and every child is given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. We also provide extra support and help prepare teenagers who are planning for their future.

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Hear from Kayla as she reflects on her journey through a WinShape Home. For her, this foster family is a forever family.
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