The Foster Care Program

We’re Here for What’s Ahead

Thousands of children throughout Georgia are without a parent’s protection and care. Your church can help by organizing a foster ministry in your community with WinShape Homes. Calling on parents and families from within your congregation, you ensure that a child in need is placed within a love-filled home that nourishes their development and relationship with Christ. Constant support from WinShape Homes helps your church’s foster parents deliver disadvantaged children from harmful situations to healthy restoration.

Believe in the Feeling of Home

Learn more about why we created WinShape Homes Foster Care and how we’re partnering with churches to train parents and create foster care communities across the state of Georgia.

Your Church Can Be a Child’s Sanctuary

Fostering is an intense call, and those who answer need unwavering support. That’s why the Foster Care Program at WinShape Homes goes above and beyond to shepherd you through the process. A child’s success starts with foster parents who are supported at every turn. Whether you need homework help or an extra set of hands to prepare dinner, our unparalleled level of care starts in your church and extends throughout your community, to ensure that you’re well-equipped to help a child flourish and find a way home

We decided to begin to partner with churches because we know we can’t meet this need on our own. In the church, we can minister to the children in an effective way as they will be in families where a relationship with Christ is central to everyday life. Secondly, the organic wrap around community and support that can be built in a church is a powerful resource to the families that are fostering in each specific church.

How We Support Our Families

We guide our foster families through the entire process, from initial interest to child placement to permanency (if needed). Our unparalleled support includes:

• Free IMPACT/foster and respite pre-training.
• Reimbursement for drug screens, CPR/First Aid, and water safety training.
• Free continuing education classes from WinShape Homes trainers and external facilitators.
• 24-hour access to a WinShape Homes Case Manager.
• Assistance in creating life books for foster children.
• Monthly support for extracurricular activities.
• A caring community through a partnership with Promise686, which helps develop a community of support for foster families

When Brian and Lindsey Fox decided to become foster parents, they couldn’t have imagined the plan God had in store. Turns out, it was so much better than their own.
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Hear from the Families

“The first thought that goes through my mind now is, ‘No, you can’t do it, because you can’t do it on your own,' but you can do it with the Lord. It is possible.”


Foster Parent

“This is not us; it’s about Jesus... It’s what He cares about, and it’s how we live out our faith. It’s a way to tangibly live out our belief that we are called to care for foster children."


Foster Parent

"I feel indescribable fullness in caring for these children."

Foster Parent

Foster Parent

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