Group Care Foster Care

Partnering with families and the church to give every child the chance to find home

How we partner with the Local Church in Foster Care

We partner with churches because we know we can’t meet this need on our own. With the church, we can partner with families who share our biblical values and minister to the children in an effective way. As a Christ-centered ministry, the sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, which is core to everything we do. Secondly, the organic community and support that can be built in a church is a powerful resource to foster families.

“The first thought that goes through my mind now is, ‘No, you can’t do it, because you can’t do it on your own,' but you can do it with the Lord. It is possible.”


Foster Parent

“We have the freedom to get to know our children’s classmates through volunteer coaching, school functions and church roles as a typical parent does. This sets us a part from similar ministries.”


House Parent

“This is not us; it’s about Jesus... It’s what He cares about, and it’s how we live out our faith. It’s a way to tangibly live out our belief that we are called to care for foster children.”


Foster Parent

“WinShape homes supports us by providing continued constant support. We are offered meaningful training, a listening ear, and leaders that are interested in our day-to-day lives. WinShape Homes makes us feel valued.


House Parent

“I thought I had to fix them. God just told me to love them.”


House Parent

“I appreciate working in a place that is going to handle every good and bad situation through the filter of a Gospel centered outlook.”


House Parent

Our Story

With a vision and belief that all children deserve to feel loved and well-cared for, Truett Cathy and his wife, Jeannette, established WinShape Homes over 30 years ago. Since then, we have placed hundreds of children in need with families who are guided by Christ to care, and continue to support churches in establishing foster care ministries. WinShape foster care families rely on an unparalleled network of care designed to ensure that children are restored in mind, body and spirit.

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